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“Our mission is to create value with our customers, improving competitiveness and productivity together, through a highly efficient industrial and technological base and a global commercial network. Ternium is committed to establishing a long-term presence, through local development and education.”.

Máximo Vedoya
Ternium’s CEO

Ternium is a leading company in the Americas that manufactures and processes a broad range of steel products using the most advanced technology.

The company provides customers in varied industries, such as construction, automotive, manufacturing, home appliances, packaging, energy and transport.

Ternium and its subsidiaries have 17 production centers in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, the United States and Guatemala. It is also part of the controlling group of Usiminas, together with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) and the Usiminas Employees’ Pension Fund. By dint of a solid positioning, the company supplies with high quality steel all the main regional markets.

Ternium provides steel through a highly integrated production procedure. Its facilities feature the whole manufacturing process of steelmaking, from the mining of iron ore to the production of high value-added products. The company also promotes the development of other companies from the metallurgical industry.

Ternium has an achievable production capacity of 12.4 million tons of finished steel per year. Its shares are listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Ternium’s vision is to be the leading steel company in the Americas, committed to the development of our customers, at the forefront in industrial standards and standing out through the excellence of our human resources.

Our values:

  • Commitment to the development of our customers
  • Value creation for our shareholders
  • Technical culture, industrial vocation and long-term view
  • Local presence, global vision
  • Transparent management
  • Professionalism, commitment and determination
  • Excellence and development of human resources
  • Focus on safety and working conditions
  • Commitment to our communities

Ternium in Argentina

Ternium Siderar is Argentina’s leading steelmaking company and it provides customers that operate in such diverse and essential steel-consuming industries, such as construction, automotive, packaging, agricultural machinery and household appliances, among others.

The company’s production plants are located in San Nicolás, Ramallo, Rosario, Canning, Florencio Varela, Haedo y Ensenada. All Ternium facilities strive for excellence operating according to international first rate standards.


Ternium in the world


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Corporate Brochure

Ternium en cifras

Annual net sales
US$ 7.2 billion
Achievable production capacity

12.4 million

productive plants

Service and/or Distribution Centers

Mining operations

4 million
tons of annual pellet production capacity*

0.4 million
tons of annual fine steel production capacity*

* Includes 50% of Peña Colorada production.