Another award from Toyota

1 Jun 2018

Ternium in Argentina receives the honour from the Japanese car manufacturer in recognition of its excellence in the fields of Logistics and Quality Standards.

At the 16th Annual Toyota Suppliers Conference, Ternium received an award in the category of Logistical Excellence. The award was given to recognize 100% fulfilment of orders, with no delays, for two consecutive years.

Ternium also received a certificate for its Quality Standards as reward for fulfilling its 2017 objectives, a process the company has worked on throughout the year.

“These awards show that we’re on the right path. Now the challenge is to back up the improvement in productivity we began with Toyota, growing more reliable with each passing day and adding value throughout the process,” said Marcelo Baccini, Business Director in Argentina.

Mauro Rossi, the head of the Car Manufacturing Department, added: “These awards reaffirm our strategy of long term relationships with the Argentinian industrial sector as a whole, and with Toyota in particular. It is well-earned reward for the sustained commitment and hard work that has been put in by many people from different parts of the company over a number of years.”

The Japanese car manufacturer gives out awards in different categories to cover all its suppliers’ areas of activity: Safety, Environment, Logistics, Quality and Costs. In 2017, Ternium received an award for its commitment to optimizing costs in the value chain.