Ready to lead leaders

9 Aug 2017

Training in Ternium is moving forward to a new stage: training those who lead the company’s leaders. Members of the first group share their experiences.

Leaders guiding Ternium’s leaders have begun to take part of the Leaders Development Program (LDP) for managerial level, whose first edition is developing both in Argentina and Mexico.

Ternium launched LDP in 2014, aimed at strengthening leadership of the company’s middle management. The program offers tools and key information for role performance, promotes organization networking, and provides a global outlook over the impact of each leader not only on their team but also on the company.

This new stage strengthens the skills of those who lead the middle management. The program, which started at the end of June, counted on the attendance of 20 managers in Argentina and 24 in Mexico.

Until the end of the year, the groups will take part of group modules coordinated by the EGADE TEC Business School of Monterrey, Mexico, and the Torcuato Di Tella University in Argentina. The agenda includes workshops, case studies and different readings, from talent complexity and management to action innovation and climate management, among others.

The first activity was a “Leadership Laboratory.” The second, carried out in July and August, is devoted to complexity management.

“The agenda of the first meeting was focused on participants’ self-knowledge of the leadership style they exert,” explains María de los Ángeles Lloves, Training Manager. “They are assisted by facilitators who analyze self-diagnosis tools results as well as assessments of their styles by their teams and bosses.”

“The programs comprise two axes: one which is leadership from a more academic viewpoint, in cooperation with universities; and the second one, more focused on collaborators management within Ternium,” adds Claudia Cano, Ternium’s Business Partner Manager in Mexico.

Getting to know yourself better to proceed better
Participants highlighted that the first stage of the program was useful to reflect on their way of leading and the way they relate to others.

“The perception of ‘the other’, the way we build ‘the other’, the survey with your team and your superior are unbiased data that add value to the subjectivity of the topic (people relationship), and they let us know a reality which was probably distorted in some aspects,” says Ariel Rapetto, Steelmaking Manager of Ternium Siderar.

“As a leader, first of all it is absolutely important to know yourself, your opportunity areas and your strengths,” remarked Rafael Alonso, Stripping and Skin Pass Manager, in Churubusco Plant, Mexico.

“It was a great opportunity to receive multiple feedback from bosses and collaborators, which always enables an enriching perspective of skills and improvement opportunities,” says Gisela Verdún, IT Operations Manager in Argentina.

Sergio Serrano, Commercial Planning Manager in Mexico, highlighted the importance of having a wide range of participants, who belonged to different areas, from Supply Chain to Industrial.