Six frequently asked questions about Steel Framing

15 Feb 2018

Due to its innovative features, steel framing sparks interest as well as enquiries. These are the most frequent questions asked by users and some basic information to answer them.

In the world automotive steel club

31 Jan 2018

Ternium becomes a member of WorldAutoSteel; the program of the World Steel Association gathering an exclusive group of quality steel producers for the automotive industry.

Zero nonconformities in OHSAS

25 Jan 2018

After a month of audits, all plants in Ternium Mexico got or kept the Certification of its Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Management System under OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

Did you know that steel can be used as an acoustic insulator?

27 Dec 2017

Based on Ternium steel, our customer Metal Shaping Ind. and the Buenos Aires city government have developed a solution to reduce noise generated by vehicles coming in and out the Del Libertador Avenue’s tunnel.

Together with its regional value chain in Alacero58

13 Nov 2017

Latin American steel industry got together in its annual conference in Mexico. Ternium was present again in order to strengthen the relationship with its value chain.

Results and transition: Continuity guaranteed

6 Nov 2017

A day after announcing the CEO succession, Ternium explains to analysts the company’s economic results for the third quarter of the year and says that the change guarantees a continuity in strategy, leadership style and operational excellence.

Steel Framing: sustainable construction

18 Oct 2017

Fast, flexible and efficient, the system allows to save up to 60% more energy than a traditional wet work, and it consolidates as one of the highest growth dry construction techniques around the world.

Steel Framing: five tips to manage the work

11 Oct 2017

Experts in structure building with steel profiles explain how to deal with these kinds of works and where to pay special attention to make the most of the system.

A construction ally in Colombia

5 Oct 2017

Over 2,000 people attended the Colombian Construction Conference in Cartagena, where Ternium was a lead together with the main builders of the country, President Juan Manuel Santos and several international figures.

Ternium to build new plants in Mexico and Colombia

29 Sep 2017

The company announces investments for more than USD 1 billion for the construction of two new facilities: a hot rolling mill at the Pesquería Industrial Center and a steel bar production facility in Colombia.