Steel to save yaguareté

4 Sep 2017

Through a joint effort by Ternium, Tenaris and Tecpetrol, together with Flora and Fauna Argentine Foundation, a steel corral has been built in order to help Yaguareté’s reproduction and reintroduction in Iberá, Corrientes Province.

Ready to lead leaders

9 Aug 2017

Training in Ternium is moving forward to a new stage: training those who lead the company’s leaders. Members of the first group share their experiences.

Ternium announces second quarter results

4 Aug 2017

Ternium presented good results in all its operations during the second quarter of the year. CSA integration process moves forward according to schedule.

Smart Factory: Ternium strengthens digital transformation

2 Aug 2017

Technological advances boost transformations in all aspects of human life, and Ternium does not stay behind.

How much is it to build a house without bricks

20 Jul 2017

Dry building with steel profiles allows high-comfort construction with a final cost similar to that of a traditional wet building.

To build saving money and the environment

13 Jul 2017

Steel Framing multilayer solutions contribute to energy efficiency and comfort for users without soaring costs.

Steel Framing: a fast, efficient way to refurbish

5 Jul 2017

When it comes to the modification of existing houses, two cases show the advantages of building in steel achieving fast and high-comfort solutions.

A new phase of growth

30 Jun 2017

At the company’s annual Investor Day in New York, Daniel Novegil and his team presented the results of the last years’ expansion and differentiation strategy. Shreveport results highlighted.

Building fast, well and economically, without bricks or concrete

24 May 2017

Steel Framing is a method of steel profiles used to build all kinds of constructions with the highest quality and in record time.

“An example in the region”

15 May 2017

Ternium has received the ISO 20000 standard certification for the services provided by the Infrastructure and Operations area of the IT Division. An important step towards the standardization of IT processes.