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Vínculo Académico
Se incluyen trabajos aplicados a la empresa, intercambio de catedráticos, conferencias y presentaciones técnicas.

Ternium’s leadership and competitiveness are supported by its extraordinary human capital, teamwork dynamics and multicultural interaction.

Ternium stands out for a working culture built upon excellence and a strategic view. In order to maintain and improve the world class level of technicians and professionals throughout the years, talents are recruited among the best educational centers and special attention is given to professional growth programs.

For Ternium, the development of its employees is intrinsically
related to the company’s growth.

Support Talent

Ternium offers young, talented professionals tools to succeed in their careers through several initiatives, such as trainee and
internship schemes, as well as the Young Professionals and the Roberto Rocca Education Program. Furthermore, and following global trends, the company offers Flexible Working Programs which allow employees to match needs and demands of both their professional and personal life.

Safety first

Safety and occupational health care are two of Ternium’s core values, and thanks to the implementation of the Safety First program the company has achieved world class excellence standards on this issue.

Human Resources in Figures

Young Professionals enter the company every year.

of the company directors were trained in the Young Professionals program.

of directors have at least one post-graduate degree.

university educational centers have training agreements with Ternium.

employees participate in flexible working programs.