Young Professionals

During the two-year span of this program, the company provides participants the basic management tools for integration into professional life and work. In the first year, regardless of their specialty, the Young professional has a direct allocation in industrial plants, which rotates every six months in two distinct sectors, with at least two months experience in the production shifts.

There is an exchange program that allows some participants to have an international experience in Argentina, Mexico or where required by the company. As of the second year the participant is appointed to a vacant position according to their profession, profile and interests.

At the beginning of each semester, a work plan is defined which includes an assignment related to the daily tasks of your profession. There is also a project where you can test your abilities for professional management. An assessment process allows you to share with your manager the achievements of your work.

Participants enrolled attend through the Virtual Classroom quarterly seminars a week. In these, they get to known the processes of the company, acquire management tools which then must apply to the reality of their work, where shared experiences are provided by Ternium managers on “blocks ” of executive coaching.