100% certified!

15 Nov 2016

The ISO 14001:2004 standard certification of the General Savio plant is the last step of a successful process that reaffirms our commitment with sustainability and efficiency in all our operations.

Safety and environmental care are top priorities for Ternium. The company is firmly committed to perform certification process in all its plants in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Argentina. It is an ambitious goal, indeed, that Ternium Siderar has just accomplished in all its 8 industrial plants.

The recognition of General Savio plant, whose thermoelectric station is certified since 2007, is the last step of a process that demanded planning and everybody’s joint effort. “We are proud. Today all plants have certified management systems,” says Beatriz Dogliani, Environment Chief.

Far from marking a conclusion, this milestone marks the beginning of a path that has to be actively and daily consolidated. “A management system assures systematization. We have been able to fulfill all requirements and to succeed due to the participation and commitment of teams of all areas. Everyone knows the aspects and impacts of the operation. They evaluate, define and implement plans to minimize or eliminate impacts. In other words, it controls its environmental aspects,” she says.

“It was everybody’s joint effort that allowed us to consolidate a management system that confirms our commitment with sustainability and efficiency in all our operations,” said Martín Berardi, Ternium Siderar General Director, adding that: “I have no doubts that such an achievement will also help us to keep the operative discipline we need to accomplish excellence standards we strive for.”

Achieving this program was a challenge for the company since its beginnings. The first plant to be certified was Ensenada, in 1999. Then, in 2000, it was accomplished by Sidercolor and Florencio Varela Service Center, and, simultaneously, by Sidecrom and Serviacero. In 2006 the Rosario plant was recertified while Canning and Haedo were granted the ISO 14001 in 2015.

Which are the next steps?

In the short and medium term, the next goal will be to recertified all plants with a new version of the ISO 14001:2015 standard, a process that will require an even higher level of commitment from all of us, since it will require systems to be integrated.