“An example of the Techint Group’s ability to accomplish”

27 Mar 2017

(Português) Paolo Rocca inaugurou oficialmente a Central Elétrica Pesquería junto com o presidente mexicano, Enrique Peña Nieto. Este investimento de US$ 1 bilhão permitirá gerar 900 megawatts, o equivalente ao consumo anual de 1,5 milhão de casas.

Together with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Paolo Rocca officially inaugurated on March 1 the Central Eléctrica Pesquería power plant, and he announced a USD 260 million investment on a new Ternium plant in the state of Nuevo León.

“This plant is an example of the Techint Group’s ability to accomplish in Mexico”, said Rocca. “We are very proud of what we have done here.”

Peña Nieto congratulated the Group’s management and employees for the plant, which he considered a “particularly relevant” investment. He also highlighted the fact that it operates under a “clean” energy generating process based on natural gas.

“This is indeed aligned with the energy reform that we have introduced, and which seeks to increase the generation of electricity in order to fulfill our country’s growing demand,” said the President.

The construction of the plant, which has been effectively operating since December 1, 2016, amounted to an investment of USD 1 billion and has a capacity of 900 MegaWatts. It can supply the annual consumption of 1.5 million households and accounts for a 1.4% expansion of the Mexico’s installed capacity. More than 3,000 people worked during construction and no major accident was recorded during more than 11 million man-hours of work.

During his speech, Rocca highlighted the synergy of the Techint Group companies during the construction of the plant, which will be operated by Techgen. “Tenaris and Ternium, shareholders who will use the energy; Tecpetrol, shareholder and the plant’s operator, and Techint Engineering and Construction, who designed and built the plant.”

The inauguration was also attended by Máximo Vedoya, head of Ternium in Mexico; Guillermo Vogel, Tenaris’ Board Vice-President; Sergio de la Maza, TenarisTamsa’s Executive Vice President and General Director; Carlos Bacher, CEO of Techint Engineering and Construction; Humberto Fernández, the Power Plant’s General Manager; Carlos Ormachea, Tecpetrol’s President and CEO. The list of guests also included Ildefonso Guajardo, the country’s Economy Secretary; Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, Governor of Nuevo León and Miguel Ángel Lozano, Mayor of Pesquería.

A new investment in Pesquería

The inauguration of the Pesquería power plant is part of an “organic and integral” growth of the Techint Group in Mexico, Rocca said, as he recalled that the organization’s industrial activity in the country dates back to 1952 with the construction of TenarisTamsa in Veracruz. Today, the Techint Group directly employs 17,500 people in Mexico and has invested USD 10.7 billion over the last 10 years, most of them in Nuevo León.

The inauguration of the Pesquería Industrial Center in 2013 was, Rocca explained, was the starting point of the development in the county, which he described as “a unique example in Latin America over the last 20 years, for its capacity to attract a group of industrial companies and develop the necessary infrastructure, starting from scratch.”

Given a “firm commitment to continue investing in the future,” Rocca announced that Ternium would invest in the coming 30 months USD 260 million in the construction of a new galvanizing and pre-painting plant in Pesquería. “This new plant will add value to the cold rolling that we produce in Monterrey and will allow us to improve our service to the car and housing appliances industries in the country.”

“Our belief is that industrial activity is an essential component in the development of a country, as it generates quality jobs, promotes technological and material progress, social mobility and inclusion, and it develops the communities where it is established,” added Rocca.

Peña Nieto said that although he will not be president when the new plant is inaugurated, the announcement shows that business leaders “see the potential our country has and will continue to have in the future.”

Governor Rodríguez Calderón, in turn, described Nuevo León as “a society that bets on sustainable development” and that thanks to “leading companies like Ternium we move in generating the energy we need to continue to grow.”