Design with steel: Casa Foa 2016

7 Nov 2016

Ternium Siderar joined Grupo Haz to create the “Bookcase with Steel” space at Casa FOA 2016. The exhibition, which opened on October 28, presents a room that conveys the versatility of steel applied to design.

The 33th edition of Casa FOA exhibition presents 42 spaces divided in two levels in an avant-garde environment located in an old building in José A. Cabrera 5653 in the Buenos Aires city neighborhood of Palermo. This year’s edition focuses on Argentine design and it is inspired by the independence bicentenary. It can be visited from October 28 to December 4.

Ternium Siderar 15m2-space’s distinctive element is a suspended bookcase made by 1.6mm sheet modules at 45° that generate two views of the same object. “To develop the space we were inspired by the desire of discovering. Mirrors and modules set a space for insinuation that is discovered by the visitors as they walk around. From the subtle chromatic variation to the textures of steel, the whole space suggests an environment of serenity and harmony,” say Grupo Haz architects Luciana Szechter, Rodrigo Battaglia y Angie Dub, who were in charge of designing the space.

The main challenge was to offer new functionalities of steel, something that is reflected in all the development of the space, marked by a contemporary spirit associated with daily life scenes.

“This work materializes the concept that steel is always present in life and that it can be applied to the most different kind of projects. At Ternium Siderar we support sustainable, avant-garde designs made of steel”, says Santiago Lesser, Sales Manager of the Construction Department.

When: from October 28 to December 4, everyday from 13 to 21, Fridays and Saturdays until 23.

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