Building fast, well and economically, without bricks or concrete

24 May 2017

Steel Framing is a method of steel profiles used to build all kinds of constructions with the highest quality and in record time.

A project without bricks is no longer a utopia but a possibility in today’s construction world. Steel Framing (“Frame” as structural skeleton and “Steel” for its raw material: galvanized steel of the profiles) is an open building system that can be applied to any projects, indoors and outdoors, with all kinds of finishes.

Headings. It avoids idle times and several guilds can work simultaneously.

“One of the main advantages of the system is the flexibility of the design: it can materialize any project, from the simplest ones like a simple-family house to other more complex buildings with several floors,” says Paula Ale, JMA Sales Manager. And she adds: “As it does not require wet work, the system is great for projects planned in stages, even for the extension of a traditional construction.”

MARQ pavilion. Work’s schedules were reduced dramatically in the extension of the museum of architecture.

Interior comfort is another key factor offered by this system. The use of thermal and acoustic insulation makes this kind of construction suitable for any kind of weather and use, reducing significantly the cost of energy for heating and air conditioning. For instance, a wall made with Steel Framing which includes 10cm wide glass wool provides roughly 14 times more thermal resistance than ordinary 15cm brick masonry and almost 7.5 more times than one made of hollow brick.

“Such comfort standards do not determine further delays in the construction. On the contrary, the work’s schedule is reduced dramatically compared to the traditional construction because a great deal of tasks can be performed at the same time once the structure has been assembled,” says Daniel Ostapovich, Media Officer at Pradecon.

MARQ pavilion. Steel framing minimizes construction waste.

Following the same line, Martín Muratore, in charge of the Technical Area of the AD Barbieri Marketing Department, remarks: “It is not necessary either to build walls that will then be broken down to allow installations or to wait for the plaster to dry. Fast construction timing allows a quick return of invested capital, making this kind of construction especially attractive for investors.”

Coatings. It can be applied to any projects, indoors and outdoors, with all kinds of finishes.




5 reasons to think about building with steel:

  1. Flexibility in the project
  2. Energy saving due to thermal comfort
  3. Fast implementation
  4. More efficient costs and maximum reduction of waste
  5. Quality of finishes with strength and durability guarantee