Did you know that steel can be used as an acoustic insulator?

27 Dec 2017

Based on Ternium steel, our customer Metal Shaping Ind. and the Buenos Aires city government have developed a solution to reduce noise generated by vehicles coming in and out the Del Libertador Avenue’s tunnel.

Two million vehicles circulate around Buenos Aires daily. Since 2003, the city is considered by the World Health Organization to be the noisiest in Latin. Noise generated by cars, trucks and busses is added to the frantic pace of a megalopolis.

Our customer Metal Shaping Ind. has developed an efficient solution with Ternium steel in order to minimize noise across key points in the city.

To this effect, high-density steel panels made by galvanized Ternium steel have been placed. Due to their great acoustic insulation capacity, these panels help reduce noise pollution. This solution has been applied in one of the tunnels of the city, successfully creating a barrier between the vehicles, which generated the noise, and the outside.

Steel was able to deliver a modern, smart and efficient solution to an increasingly common issue in big cities around the world.