A construction ally in Colombia

5 Oct 2017

Over 2,000 people attended the Colombian Construction Conference in Cartagena, where Ternium was a lead together with the main builders of the country, President Juan Manuel Santos and several international figures.

Ternium was one of the most prominent companies in the conference organized by the Colombian Construction Chamber (Camacol), whose aim was to present the macro trends and the evolution in the building activity, and also to discuss long term perspectives of the regional development and the role of the building field in the country.

A few days later, Ternium announced the construction of a new plant in Colombia, with a USD 90 million investment.

Camacol counted on more than 20 national and international speakers as well as the presence of prominent figures from the public and private sectors such as Luis Alberto Moreno, president of Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID); Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prizewinner in Economics; Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic; and Elsa Noguera, Housing Minister.

In the location there was room for the discussion on business confidence, and the context of transparency and legal stability for the investment in the construction field.

In the same way, debates on regional gaps and strategies for improvement were promoted, focusing on the importance of housing, urban infrastructure and public management as source of social integration and equality.

“This conference is an important event in which we strengthen our commercial relationships with existing and prospective customers not only in the Caribbean but also nationwide. We are optimistic and will continue to work in order to achieve more productivity in our processes, providing effective solutions, always with an attitude towards service for the sustainability of our company and showing we are a construction ally in Colombia,” claimed Luz Marina Guerrero Mora, Ternium’s Chief of North Atlantic Area Constructions and Metal Structures.

Ternium also had a key role in the event, with a 12 square meter stand, at the exit of Barahona hall, at Julio Cesar Turbay Convention Center. Different products focused on construction were promoted in the space; among them: corrugated bars, electrowelded wire mesh, figured steel, profiles and angles.

Thus, the company confirmed its commitment to the development of the country and its regions.