Ternium rewards agroindustrial innovation

16 Mar 2017

Ternium Siderar renews its commitment to the value chain in Expoagro 2017 and presents the winners of the 5th edition of the Ternium Expoagro Agribusiness Innovation Award.

Expoagro, the largest agribusiness exhibition, was held from March 7 through 11 in San Nicolás, for the first time in a permanent venue.

Ternium Siderar was present and, together with its clients, joined the agricultural sector, which is regaining its momentum and has good medium-term projections.

Marcelo Baccini, Ternium Siderar Business Director, during the Ternium Expoagro Agribusiness Innovation Award ceremony, said: “We support the entire value chain, and we think it is very important to innovate in agricultural machinery and agribusiness products to help in the country’s development and to be increasingly competitive, both locally and internationally.”

He later stated that Ternium Siderar will continue to support this type of initiatives, and he listed the company’s actions to strengthen its bonding with the value chain: New steels development, the ProPymes program, the strengthening of the technical school, commercial missions, and financial support to clients.

Hot rolled, galvanized, and micro-alloyed steels are used to manufacture silos, agricultural machinery, and other developments with direct application in the agricultural sector, representing 140,000 tons of steel per year.

“Expoagro welcomes more than 100,000 people every year, so it is very important to host the exhibition at the region, and we guarantee that our community will be the permanent location for the next 15 years,” said Fernando Favaro, Social Development Manager.

For his part, Marcelo Chara, Industrial Director, concluded: “We have a very impressive view of our General Savio plant from the exhibition grounds. And that confirms the closeness between industry, community, and value chain, in an increasingly intense dialogue”.

Close to our clients

“We have worked with Ternium for several years, and have been able to build an excellent business relationship, a friendship, thanks to the commitment of both parties,” said Luis Dadomo, president of Metalfor SA. “This meeting space is very important to discuss, share experiences, get closer and put a team together, which is the best way to strengthen the country”.

“Although during 2016 some variables were adjusted, we are confident that 2017 will be a good year for the agribusiness. Good weather conditions are being forecasted, and we understand that the agricultural industries will move forward. If the agriculture sector is booming, then the country will be booming too, ” says Raul Crucianelli, president of Crucianelli SRL and also the leading representative of CAFMA (Argentine Chamber of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers.). “And in that growth, our relationship with Ternium Siderar plays a key role, as it has always been a very close relationship: They listen to us and they work side-by-side with us, as suppliers and also by providing support through the ProPymes Program.”

Regarding the 5th edition of the Ternium Expoagro Award, Natalia Chalup, head of the Agro, Transport, and other Industries sector, stressed: “There were 60 candidates and 20 innovations from different categories were awarded, many of which are clients of us and participants in the value chain,” and added: “Our goal is to support the our clients and we work every day towards that. This exhibition is the ideal context to celebrate together, to talk about the coming year, and the opportunities that lie ahead”.