In the world automotive steel club

31 Jan 2018

Ternium becomes a member of WorldAutoSteel; the program of the World Steel Association gathering an exclusive group of quality steel producers for the automotive industry.

As of January 1st, Ternium is part of WorldAutoSteel, the group of the World Steel Association aimed at reinforcing and communicating steel features as the reference material in the automotive industry.

Ternium will be the 22nd company and the second in Latin America to join the group (together with Usiminas). The group delivers reports and shares information and best practices in terms of product quality, environmental issues and production processes, among others.

“This membership is a consequence of the fact that Ternium is a high standard steel supplier for the automotive industry,” says Oscar Montero, Planning Director. “To be part of the group is important for Ternium’s differentiation and prestige strategy before current and prospective customers.”

Although Ternium’s official membership starts on the first day of 2018, the group has already sent an invitation for the two officers permanently representing the company, Rubén Herrera and Juan Pablo Pedraza, to be part of WorldAutoSteel ordinary meeting in Chennai, India, in November. WorldAutoSteel is chaired by Keiji Nishimura from JFE Steel and its director is Cees ten Broek.

One of the key functions of WorldAutoSteel is to reinforce the use of steel in the automotive industry, in light of the advance of other materials such as aluminum over the last years. The group delivers reports on the use of better steel qualities to make vehicles increasingly lighter and more sustainable from and environmental perspective, but at the same time safe and reliable.

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