Ternium joins Steel Safety Day

2 May 2017

Ternium joined the fourth Steel Safety Day organized by the World Steel Association to raise awareness about the main causes of accidents, in an effort to create safer work environments across the industry.

Five main causes explain most accidents in the steel industry worldwide. Each year for the last four years, the World Steel Association (worldsteel) has devoted one day, April 28, to raise awareness about them and promote the creation of safer work environments.

As they did in the previous editions, Ternium joined the drive, which coincides with the ILO International Labour Organization’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

In the run-up and the week of April 28, the Safe Hours conducted in the company have focused on these five main causes: moving machinery, falling from heights, falling objects, on-site traffic and process safety incidents. As it does every year on a rotating basis, worldsteel is recommending a focus this year on the issue of falling objects.

“From April 24 to April 28, Ternium’s management conducted guided Safe Hours in a coordinated form, to cover the safety audits on the five main causes of fatalities in our industry,” said Rodrigo Grosso, Ternium’s Safety Director.

“It is important that all the things we detect during the guided Safe Hour, particularly during this week, leads to concrete action to avoid serious or fatal accidents,” he added.

Over the last few years, both companies have seen overall safety numbers but, with a goal of zero accidents, safety continues to be at the top of their agenda.

Under the premise that all injuries and work-related illnesses can and should be prevented, the World Steel Association calls on its members to carry safety audits at their facilities in the weeks preceding Steel Safety Day and then report on their findings. In 2016, 390,000 people from 350 sites worldwide took part in Steel Safety Day, according to worldsteel. Nearly 900,000 employees and contractors work at sites involved in the audit.

“Through this relentless leadership effort, the industry has achieved significant improvements in safety and health, and with continued support it can continue to do so in the coming years,” said Henk Reimink, worldsteel’s Director of Industry Excellence.