Ternium’s pavilion at the Museum of Architecture and Desing inaugurates

5 Oct 2016

The expansion of the Museum of Architecture and Design (MARQ) sponsored by Ternium Siderar together with the Central Society of Architecture (SCA) was unveiled last Tuesday.

The first week of October marked the culmination and inauguration of the expansion work at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MARQ) in the city of Buenos Aires. The works were directed and planned by architect Marcos Polchowski, who won the national competition of projects organized by Ternium Siderar and the Central Society of Architecture.

“We have a long relationship with the SCA and when they contacted us with the idea of building a new pavilion, we thought it was a great opportunity to boost steel design in the construction of the building and also to highlight the many advantages that the use of this material offers,” says Martín Berardi, Ternium Siderar’s General Director.

Meanwhile, architect Eduardo Bekinschtein, President of the Central Society of Architecture, praised the company’s commitment with architecture. “We are celebrating today the inauguration of this new pavilion. It is important because it is the result of a relationship between a company like Ternium Siderar and the SCA and also because it is a project chosen through a national competition in which architects from all over the country sent their proposals.”

The awarded project it is based in a steel structure made using the Steel Framing system, and a surrounding structure also made with steel which provides not only avant-garde aesthetic features but also an efficient use of energy.

“This construction system has a lot of potential, especially in small and medium scale works. It is a very advanced project and works like those made at MARQ highlights the benefits of a system like this one,” says Polchowski.

The metallic structure expands the MARQ exposition space by 200 m2 including a showing room and a cafe and a bookshop.

The new pavilion will host, as of October 20, the first exposition by the Italian curator Silvia Annicchiarico, director of the Triennale Design Museum. The exposition will feature a selection of works by young Italian artists under the age of 30. The exposition will be open until December 3, 2016.